Friday, 16 August 2013

Poor orphan dice.

At Casa de Pete we have a big ammo box loaded with dice. Poor lonely orphan dice that belong to lost gamers, lapsed or otherwise. Some of the wee orphans were found, some donated and many just seemed to appear.

Dice attract dice. Or they breed. Who can say?

So when a newbie turns up to game, or we lure a random passerby into trying our odd elfgames out they always have some funny shaped dice to roll. You'd be surprised how many gamers we've recruited just by virtue of having an ammo box full of funky looking dice.

Once in a blue moon someone will end up giving some poor orphans a home, but more often the box is a dumping ground for cursed or doomed dice.

Poor wee orphans. They just want to be loved.


So yeah, I went and got a blog. Because it seems like a more sensible place to deposit my random musings than facebook or the various message boards out there in the webs.

Mostly I game, and talk about gaming. Of the tabletop RPG variety, so there'll be my thinkings about trolls and elves, or dungeons and vampires. It should be fun, and it might even help me organise the cluttered morass that I call a brain.

I'm Pete by the way, pleased to meet you. Now roll initiative and let's get down to the fun bit.