Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wow, so much for my big spooktober idea eh? On the upside I got my job situation sorted, made headway on diploma stuff and now have a couple of solid campaigns running again.

So to make up for the lack of updates for my imaginary readers, I'm going to be doing some new campaign setting stuff.

I like 4e a lot, and don't much care for what I've seen of Next. So I'm going to do a new setting for 4e, riffing on the implied setting, the assumptions of 4e play and my own love of monsters. Because monsters are frickin' awesome.


Basically, I'm thinking about taking the story of Grendel and applying it as the norm across the lands of men and dwarves. There isn't a village or town without a local monster claiming dominion over the territory, whether that's as mindless predator or the rare cunning tyrant such as Giants, Dragons or even the occasional Demon or Elemental.

The coast cities are free of monster borne tyranny, but only because the king sold his soul (and firstborn) into infernal bondage. The people are beholden to the church of Asmodeus and the Nine, drafted into the border watch for their endless war on the Orc hordes of the highlands and elven rebels of the Aelderwood. And still the waters of the sea are plagued by Dragonborn pirates, the Kraken and ancient shark gods of the depths.

The southern cities are ruled by ancient Dragon lords and the Tiefling nobles who chafe under their greedy rule. Dragonborn agents of the lords do battle constantly with cults, infernal warlocks and shadowy cabals seeking to end the rule of the Dragons.

So the frontier and wilderness is claimed by giant monsters, civilised lands are either falling into corruption or ruled by tyrant Dragons, and things are bad all over. Cue the heroes...


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