Friday, 6 September 2013

Dungeons are fun.

So I suppose the point of having a blog is to actually update it with posts from time to time. Most of my time is consumed with work, looking for a better place of work and dungeon mapping right now.

We kicked off a Forgotten Realms campaign just last week, using the 3.5 D&D rules since a) I like them, and b) my kid brother is off to the army soon and his favourite game is the ideal choice for a send off campaign.

Anyway, what started as a simple 'ramble round the realms' game has spontaneously developed into a megadungeon type of thing.  I tend to find it important to lay out the major players in any given dungeon environment, since that helps with firing inspirado for the various levels of hell I like to inflict on delvers.

Tybor the Extraordinaire, Meister of Rhythm (and not at all a failed bard) is the architect of this particular demesne. Because what's the point in being a fork bearded, Kalak looking villainous archmage if you can't be a little silly about it?

Demogorgon has a claim to chunks of the real estate, and his local Yuan-Ti reps are on site to administrate as needed, especially in the blood sacrifice and adventurer killing departments. Demon worshipping snake cultists are important. Just in general. Like mustard being important on a good hot dog.

Geographically transposed pharaohs, ghoul merchant camps, river dwelling dragons and slavers of some kind are also going to be popping up as the game goes on.

Expect more rambling as I develop the real estate, and of course an obituary of sorts for the poor player character types.

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