Tuesday, 17 September 2013

It's not yet November but...

I still went ahead and signed up to national novel writing month over at nanowrimo. I'm one of those guys who's always meant to write that book or this short story, but aside from a few bits and pieces I always let myself get distracted.

And by distracted I mean never made the effort because I was scared of a) failing and b) people laughing at me.

Well now I'm old enough, ugly enough and more than relaxed enough to know that a) won't happen until I try, and b) doesn't matter worth a crap. The positive feedback I've been getting on some minor projects helped a lot in that regard, knowing that I'm backed up by friends and family who won't coddle me is always nice.

So yeah, nanowrimo 2013. It's on. I've got a story to tell, a setting to tell it in and no excuses this time.

Let's go tell a story folks.

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